From Port Coquitlam, BC.
But yeah, Vancouver is easier to say.

DISCENDO started with an idea - we wanted to open up the world of local makers to the younger generation of Amazon shoppers and online orderers. And DISCENDO was born. Our mission is to be able to support local, by buying local brands and selling them with the incentive of same-day delivery (or shipping) for a price that is not any higher than buying from the brand directly. Instead of paying for shipping that could take up to a month (depending where you live), you could put the same fee towards same-day delivery. It's a win, win!

My personal bio can be found below, and you can learn more about me by visiting my personal blog and website.

I started my first business in 2019, self-named as Nicholas Ram Media, in hopes to further my love for online media development and creative design.

After pursuing a successful run in the professional photography, working with many celebrities, artists, and sports teams, more of my interest fell into the chunk of working on the computer, and producing the final product. Fast forward to today. I’m proud to say my work with my creative design firm, now named The AEIPATHY Creative Company, has earned me special partnerships with organizations such as Alphabet (the parent company of our unrecognized best friend, Google), Shopify and a few other smaller organizations in Canada.

Outside of the firm, my secret affair for Recreation still co-exists, and I work with a city municipality. And for the detail seekers–I spend time recreating in my hometown, travelling and exploring whenever I can, and if not those two, I’m usually at home with my family or spending time with friends. I am proud to live in the small town of Port Coquitlam–about 30 kilometres away from Vancouver.