Hey good lookin'.

Welcome to DISCENDO (pronounced de-shen-dough).

We are a small, family-owned business located in the heart of the Lower Mainland (Port Coquitlam), in beautiful BC, 🇨🇦.

We offer same and next day delivery and shipping of anything on our store for a flat rate, so you never have to wait weeks for your order to ship again or get lost in transit, get eaten by dogs, get stolen by weirdos–you get it, right?

So, what the heck does DISCENDO even mean?

We're glad you asked.

The direct translation of Discendo, which is a word from the Latin group of linguistics, is by learning. We strongly believe that we are learning something new everyday–in our lives, in our work and within us. A strong value of ours is learning.

The more in-depth meaning is to learn, to hear, to get to know and to become acquainted with. This strongly captures our mission and vision for this business, and also what we surround ourselves with.